Who Should Ride With the Bride?

Who should ride with the bride?

Each bride holds different visions for their wedding day, generally an event that they have been planning since they were a very young child.

With certain weddings possessing a fairytale element the bride will want to share these moments with their closest family members and friends.

Although guests have the opportunity to see the happy couple take their vows and enter marriage it is those solitary moments that the Bride sees as unforgettable.

The transport to the wedding venue is traditionally a time of excitement, anxiety and emotion; an experience best shared with loved ones.

Where many brides choose to involve their Father in this part of the nuptials many choose to include theBridesmaids and the Bride�s Mother.

Whoever decides to ride with the Bride they will also require comfort and luxury, two qualities that we pride ourselves on.

From the Rolls Royce collection to the fleet of Bentley�s and Jaguar�s, be sure that we have something that tickles your fancy.

Contact us today and speak to one of our bridal vehicle specialists and discuss your endless options.

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