What happens if my wedding car breaks down?

What happens if mywedding car breaks down?

At Classic Weddingcars we ensure that your booking meets and exceeds your expectations, seeingthat you are overjoyed with the service provided.

Over the years we havecome to find that mechanical faults are although rare still an occurrence.

At Classic WeddingCars we ensure each and every one of our vehicles are maintained to the highestof standards, checked and double-checked before chauffeuring our customers.

With full insurance,tax and MOT we go to great lengths to ensure our customers feel secure in theirchoice of provider.

Where many vintagecars can cause skepticism over their mechanical ability, be sure in the thoughtthat our cars run just as well as brand new models.

In addition to thelengths taken to be proactive we also employ a back-up fleet, beautiful cars athand to save the day just in case anything is to go wrong.

Being a nationalcompany means we have the largest collection of wedding cars in the country,therefore the most reliable in times of stress.

If you are looking tobook your wedding vehicles with a professional and reliable firm then contactus today.

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